Math Fun With iPhone

Intro imageby Natalie

iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad has some of the best kids math apps that makes studying math a lot of fun. Math skills, in part, depend a lot on practice and repetition. Here we list the most popular math apps that are sure to entertain while educating.

Motion Math icon Motion Math
Price: $0.99
Fractions have the capability of causing a lot of strife for kids. Motion Math is designed to help kids tackle fractions and understand them completely, which I feel helps build a solid foundation for future math learning. The game is based around stars that fall to earth and need to be returned to space, which is accomplished by selecting the right answer for each equation. Players are prompted to answer questions by placing fractions in the correct place on a number spectrum, helping kids to better understand what fractions represent more or less. This app is easy to use and challenges learners while still being engaging and fun to play.

Kids Math Fun icon Kids Math Fun
Price: $1.99
Kids Math Fun is available in multiple different versions, with apps targeted specifically for children in Kindergarten through fifth grade. Each app version comes customized for children in its specified age range and offers equations that will boost confidence and build a solid foundation of skills to move onto the next grade level.  Settings are capable of offering timed math and a set number of problems in a test. The fun part of this app is the great graphics that help kids figure out the correct answers and add a little spunk to the learning!

Mathemagics icon Mathemagics
Price: $0.99
Lots of households are home to older children who excel at math. Or parents who want to brush up their math skills to help children learn. Mathemagics is a fun app meant to help train your brain to complete math equations with ease through the repetition of simple tips and tricks. By working through the app, users will learn to quickly square large numbers, complete fast multiplication and more. Reviewers tout this app as a great way to prepare for standardized tests like the SAT, or simply give your numbers brain a workout.
Math Magic icon Math Magic
Price: $0.99
Math Magic is for young children beginning to learn basic math including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Children are given an equation in a cute background and graphics to help count up the correct answer. After selecting the correct multiple choice answer, children simply shake the phone to prompt a new equation. Levels are easily customized to create a more or less challenging learning environment and each set of correct answers gets kids a virtual sticker reward!


Math Bingo icon Math Bingo
Price: $0.99
Even If kids may not enjoy math, everybody loves a good game of bingo! After selecting a fun avatar, players can select a game based on the type of equations that they want to practice. To win, children collect math monsters lined up in a row on their bingo card by giving the correct answer to each equation. If an incorrect answer is given, children receive helpful feedback about how to correctly answer the equation next time. This app is a true mix of education and fantastic fun all in one.


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