How to Disable Internet Access and App Downloads on iPhone & iPad

How to Disable Internet Access and App Downloads on iPhone & iPad There are often times when parents want to allow their child use of an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with restricted access to the internet and app downloads. While it may be suitable for the child to use previously downloaded apps, disabling internet and app downloading capabilities helps prevent children from accessing inappropriate content via the web or racking up an unauthorized bill in the iTunes store. A few months ago, a local mother here in California had to scramble to have a $900 iTunes charge reversed when her son accidentally began download of an expensive law reference app on accident. Simply disabling app purchases can help keep you, and your kids, out of a similar predicament!

At this time, the best option for restricting both of these functions on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices is via the Restrictions options.

Disabling Internet Access:
Whether your child is too young to be allowed internet access, or old enough that they may have figured out how to browse some inappropriate content or eat up hours of time, the ability to turn off internet connectivity is a plus.General Settings2
1. Select “Settings” from the device home page and tap the “General” category.


Passcode screen
2. Within “General,” scroll down and select “Restrictions” to access the Restrictions menu.
3. If you have set-up your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with a PIN number to access the Restrictions area, which is ideal for locking the settings once they have been entered, you will need to enter it now.

Restrictions settings page

4. Once inside the “Restrictions” menu, you will have the option to disable a number of functions.

5. Slide the “on/off” button so that “OFF” is highlighted next to Safari.

WiFi Screen
You can also turn off Wi-Fi connectivity by accessing “Wi-Fi” via the Settings Menu and sliding the “on/off” button to “OFF” for Wi-Fi. However, it is important to note that this area is not locked by a pass code and could be accessed by tech-savvy children who are old enough to know how to access the settings. If you’re trying to keep an older kid from  getting into the internet where Wi-Fi is available on an iPad or iPod Touch device, disabling Safari via “Restrictions” is a better bet.


Disabling App Downloads:
1. Follow the same process for accessing the “Restrictions” menu.

2. Slide the “on/off” button so that “OFF” is highlighted next to App Downloads.

By disabling app downloads and Safari access you will inhibit your child’s ability to download a web browser via the app store so that the internet is not accessible.

Although these methods are not sure-fire content controls, they are basic ways to keep kids (or yourself!) from hopping on the ‘net or downloading apps when a little tech control is necessary. For additional information on full parental controls for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, check out how to set parental controls here.