How to Disable Auto Correct Spelling on iPhone

by Natalie

iphone predictive textI had never been a fan of the whole predictive text ability of phones until I purchased an iPhone. Most f the time when I begin tapping away at my iPhone’s tiny keyboard it will insert the correct spelling and punctuation of a word when my fingers stray. However, sometimes, I just don’t want it to correct me.

Many people choose to text in casual “text friendly” language, replacing “you are” with “ur.” With auto correct on, iPhone will automatically replace these abbreviations with words that auto correct deems appropriate. In the end, you may end up with a message that reads nothing like what you intended. Fortunately, there is a simple way to disable autocorrect on your iPhone so that you can type e-mails and text messages without always being told when your phone assumes you’re wrong.

To begin, select “Settings” from your iPhone or iPod Touch home screen.

In the General Settings area, select “Keyboard”
General Settings
Once the “Keyboard” section is open, you will find options to turn Auto-Correction and Auto-Capitalization on or off. Slide the on/off bar to the desired position and press the Home button to return to your main screen once you have finished customizing your settings.
Keyboard settings


This simple process can be repeated to turn Auto-Correction back on when typing formal messages in just a few quick seconds, allowing iPhone users the freedom to communicate in their preferred vernacular!