Best iPhone Videos on YouTube

Best iPhone Videos on YouTube by Natalie

I know what I do with my iPhone, but sometimes I wonder what everybody else does with theirs. Although my capacity for iPhone creativity doesn’t extend far beyond using apps that add mustaches to my photographs, there are some folks who have found a way to extend the boundaries of iPhone and iPad far beyond that of, well, a phone or other standard portable electronic device.

Through the wonder of YouTube, we all are fortunate enough to share in some of this creativity and be left to wonder, “How’d they do THAT?!?”

A band called Atomic Tom demonstrates their ability to improvise in this awesome YouTube video clip shot on a New York City Subway. After their instruments were stolen, the band looked to their iPhones for musical back-up and through the use of various guitar, drum and vocal apps, these guys were able to put on a stellar live performance. One of the best parts of this video, however, is the funny reactions from people riding the subway. What appears to be an unannounced jam session, catches many of the riders off guard. Some bob their heads in approval while others simply seem to look at the band and wonder where in the world all that music is coming from. Nice to know that you can use your iPhone for both phone calls and musical expression!

Iggy the Cat gained YouTube fame when a video of him playing the piano on an iPad hit the web. Now, Iggy is back at it and polishing mad his hip hop DJ skills in this cute video. Using an iPad and an app designed to allow users an opportunity to scratch some vinyl, Iggy goes to work using his paws to flip the beat and keep it real! Video clips like this go to prove that devices like the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch are suitable for people of all ages. If a cat can find enjoyment in it, I would think just about anyone else could, too. Ch-ch-ch-check it out!

This YouTube video is a great window for parents to see how kids might interact with an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The cutie in this video is listed as a two and a half year old trying out an iPad for the first time. I was shocked at how she intuitively knew to scroll back and forth between screens and touch the screen to move through different apps. In scrolling through the comments, you’ll find an array of opinions about kids and electronic devices, but I think we’ve found here at that there is often vast educational value in a little tech time.  I’d encourage parents to take a peek at this video and think about how your child reacted the first time that they used your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Did you have a similar experience, or did your child need more direction?

The I Am T-Pain app has gained popularity for its ability to add a bit of auto tune funk to just about anything. This promo video for the app features T-Pain himself with none other than President Obama in a re-mix of a discussion on healthcare reform. Although the video clip isn’t exactly big on educational value, it’s good for a laugh. Other YouTube videos of I Am T-Pain in action are worth the time to scroll through if you’re having a rough day. There’s everything from well-known celebrities putting the portable auto tuner to the test, all the way to amateurs laying down wacky versions of their favorite Taylor Swift songs. Admittedly, I don’t understand why everything repeated in auto tune is funny…But it is. Enjoy.

Mishka is a Siberian Husky who was able to reduce her concert costs by letting go of her band and buying an iPad. Or something like that. This super talented dog uses the iPad as a back-up melody for her surprisingly good vocals. Sure, the cat may be able to play the piano on the iPad, but you’ve never heard a kitty with a set of pipes like these! I’m fascinated by this video for a couple of reasons: I love dogs and mine sounds nothing like this, and there have got to be a million uses for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The things that people use these devices for are absolutely unbelievable! Sing it, Mishka.