Best iPhone Cookbook Apps

Best iPhone Cookbook Appsby Natalie

I have an obsession with the Food Network, which leads to the hoarding of cookbooks, crammed shelves and jeans that are usually a little snug around the waist. Recently I found a solution to my crammed shelf issue through the discovery of iPhone cookbook apps. Not only does an iPhone or iPod Touch take up less space on my kitchen counter while I’m whipping up a new recipe, but cookbook apps take recipes to a whole new level of portable. How simple is it to pull up a recipe in the grocery store and take a quick inventory of your cart to ensure all the necessary ingredients are on hand? Whether you love to cook, or struggle through dinner every night, iPhone cookbook apps are sure to add some ease to your time in the kitchen.

Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook
Price: Free
Betty Crocker is a name synonymous with great home cooked meals. This free cookbook reference puts the knowledge of Betty herself in the palm of your hand. Meal ideas can be located by entering ingredients you have on hand, or my favorite option, is to browse an index of recipes classified by ingredient. Got some ripe bananas? This app will quickly bring you to ideas ranging from Healthified Banana Bread to Banana Split Cake.  As an added bonus, the app provides a nutritional breakdown for each recipe and links to coupons! At no cost, there’s no reason not to make this app a staple in your iPhone cupboard.

In The Kithen icon In the Kitchen
Price: $1.99
Whether it’s Bobby Flay, Paula Deen or Rachael Ray who heats up your skillet, this app is a pocket guide to the most popular recipes featured on the Food Network.  Not only does In the Kitchen allow you to search an index of thousands of recipes, but the program will also generate a shopping list to help you stock up on the needed supplies. Shopping list generators are one of my favorite features in any cooking app, and this one doesn’t disappoint. When you find a favorite recipe, the app allows users to create a recipe box, where family favorites are stored for future quick reference. My favorite feature of In the Kitchen, however, is the ability to perform in-app measurement conversions, making any recipe easy to follow in no time at all.

How to Cook Everything icon How to Cook Everything
Price: $4.99
Although the price of How to Cook Everything is a little higher than that of most apps I recommend, How to Cook Everything is truly worth the investment if you’re looking for fail proof tips on how to cook, well, just about everything.  To begin, users can search for a recipe or browse an extensive index of ideas to gain some culinary inspiration. Once a recipe is selected, a detailed instruction guide is shown to the user that features step-by-step instructions, detailed visuals and timers for cooking times. I like that the tips within this app are so useful. Rather than receive generic advice, How to Cook Everything gives users detailed, specific ideas to enhance flavor and end up with the desired end result. You can brush up your skills, or build a foundation of ability with this app which I think is appropriate for all experience levels.

Dinner Spinner Pro Icon Dinner Spinner Pro
Price: $2.99
When I initially heard that had an app, I was elated. One of my very favorite online cooking reference sites is and the addition of their Dinner Spinner to my arsenal of iPhone apps has made dinner a breeze on more than one occasion! Whether you want to search collection of user-submitted tried and true recipes, or ask for recipe suggestions based on what’s staring at you from the fridge, this app has it all. The Dinner Spinner itself works by selecting a meal type, a primary ingredient and time frame. From there, the app works its magic to provide you with a listing of popular recipes that meet your needs. This simple function, combined with the ability to review user tips and forward favorite recipes to friends and family make the Dinner Spinner Pro one of my all time favorite apps.

EpiCurious Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List
Price: Free
Much like the Betty Crocker app, but with an entirely unique bunch of recipes, Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List allows users to easily search for meal ideas by ingredient and meal, or by browsing a comprehensive index of recipes. Favorites here can also be saved in a recipe box, while shopping lists are automatically generated for selected recipes. One downfall is the requirement of a Wi-fi or 3G connection for the app to be fully functional, but otherwise this is a handy reference for the everyday cook!