4 Ways to Customize Your iPhone and iPod Touch

4 Ways to Customize your iPhone or iPod Touch
People replace the standard desktop background of their computers with a photo of their dog and teenagers personalize school binders with stickers. So why shouldn’t you be able to customize your iPhone to reflect your style? You should! And you can. The allure of the iPhone device is only amplified by its ability to be customized to fit your lifestyle and taste while still remaining a useful device.


The most obvious way to personalize an iPhone is through the addition of a case. With hundreds, maybe even thousands, of colors and styles available, there’s no reason not to purchase a case for your iPhone. This relatively inexpensive accessory will not only add a little flare to your phone, but provide added protection against drops, scratches and dings.

The background photo , or wallpaper, of your iPhone can be set to one of a few pre-loaded photo options, or a picture that you’ve taken yourself, in no time at all. Begin by selecting “Settings” from the iPhone home page. Scroll down the page and select “Wallpaper.”
4 Ways to Customize Your iPhone or iPod Touch
This screen will allow you to select an image from the device’s library of stock photos and textures, or browse images that have been saved on your iPhone.
4 Ways to Customize Your iPhone or iPod Touch
Select the image that you want to appear behind your icons and select “Set.” You will be given the option to program this image as either the home screen, lock screen or both. After making the selection that fits your needs, the image will be saved and set.
4 Ways to Customize Your iPhone or iPod Touch

Ringtone’s are the easiest way that your phone can express who you are! iPhones are pre-loaded with a vast selection of ringtones that range from a guitar riff to bells and can be customized for each person in your address book. For instance, I’ve entered our home phone number into my husband’s iPhone under the dog’s name and set the ring tone for our phone number to “Bark.” Now, whenever he receives a call from our house, it looks like the dog is calling him. I know I can’t be the only one amused by things like this.

To customize your ringtone, select “Settings” and scroll to the “Sounds” option.

Within sounds, select “Ringtones.” Here you will be able to browse through the ringtones already available on your phone. If the pre-loaded ringtones don’t strike your fancy, you can purchase custom ringtones from the iTunes store. Any song in your library marked with a tiny bell can be customized to a 30 second ringtone.
4 Ways to Customize Your iPhone or iPod Touch

To set the tone as your ringer, simply select the option from your list of ringtones and confirm it as your new custom alert!

Once you’ve started downloading apps, we all know that an iPhone can get a little cluttered. Using folders to organize apps will allow you to customize access to all of your applications. For more information on how to create folders and organize apps, check out my earlier post at:

If your homepage is in need of a little customization itself, start by touching and holding an app icon until the icons all begin shaking. You will then be able to touch and drag apps or utilities to a more convenient location, making the features that are most important to you easy to access.

In just a few minutes, your iPhone can become a utilitarian reflection of your personal swagger. What else have you done to make the iPhone your own?