iRewardChart for Rewarding Kids

Ireward iRewardChart is a very good application that we use for encouraging my son for good behaviour and reading. It simply replaces the good old fashion reward chart and it is fun!  I’ve asked the app developer to write a small description of the app for the iPhoneAndKids audience, here it is:

iRewardChart is an iPhone application that makes it easy for parents to implement a reward system for their children. It provides parents with a convenient way to assign tasks, give out stars when the task is performed, payout rewards when the child has accumulated sufficient stars. It even has nice sounds for giving out stars and paying out rewards that are sure to excite and motivate the child.

The traditional wall-hung/printed reward charts provide only a predefined set of tasks that parents can choose from and they typically do not have a way to track the rewards that the child wants or parents want to give out.  Neither do they book-keep child’s earned and paid out rewards.  Since they are hung on the wall at home, parents on the go have to remember to track the progress when they get home. iRewardChart addresses these inconveniences with a flexible, intuitive  and easy to use reward system. Parents can define custom tasks, define custom rewards, define stars required to get certain reward, maintain history of child’s tasks and the progress and payout reward when the child has accumulated sufficient points to get that reward – all these at their finger tips. iRewardChart provides a complete set up personalization and customization features, so it can be adopted by any family regardless of region or culture!

Within just 9-months of its existence, iRewardChart has made its way into tens of thousands of families across the globe, and has been recognized as one of the Parenting essential apps on AppStore, as well as, has received CNET’s prestigious “Five must-have iPhone apps for any parents” recognition. Please visit the appstore link below to read what the users are saying about the app.

There is a free version of the app, iRewardChart Lite, and a full version, iRewardChart.