Buying Toddler Gaming System vs iPod Touch

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With the holiday season coming up my wife and I have been trying to figure out what to get our 2 1/2 year old son. One of the items we were considering is one of the handheld gaming systems for his age by Fisher Price or VTech. These are the systems that have games you buy separately and are usually based on licensed characters. The games run about $20 each. He loves playing games on the iPod Touch and we thought this would be a great gift.

After further research we discovered that there are very few titles currently available for these toddler game systems, and of the ones available there might be one or two with characters he knows. The Fisher Price system comes with built in games, so we were leaning towards that one. Both are touch screen like the iPod.

I said we were leaning towards the Fisher Price unit because after thinking about it we decided that we might just stick with what we have- the iPod Touch. There are a ton of fantastic educational games available for the iPod Touch and they cost a lot less than the games available for the gaming systems. For the price of one game for the Fisher Price unit I might be able to buy twenty games for the iPod touch that are fantastic! He is currently hooked on Cake Doodle and its partner Cookie Doodle.

Plus, I just upgraded to the current iPod Touch model from a second generation model. My son does not care or even know what model he is using. The second gen model can be loaded with games for him and we don’t even have to buy a new gaming system for $80 that has hardly any games on it.

So, I already have an iPod Touch that I would have sold on eBay if we didn’t decide to use it for our son. What if you don’t have an old iPod? is it worth it to buy an iPod Touch over a gaming system? Let’s take a look.

Currently, you can buy a refurbished 8gb iPod Touch from Apple for $149. The Fisher Price iXL is $80. After buying 3-4 games for the iXL you will have reached the price of the iPod Touch which can play games and you can even put video on it for your child. To me the Touch is a better deal. You can even let the Touch double as an email/internet device for yourself.

If there were more games available for the toddler systems it might be a different story. However, my son is more than content to play games on the iPod and I am more than happy to only spend $.99 on a game instead of $20. There may not be many licensed character games for the iPod Touch, but for now we’re sticking with the Touch.

Then there is the iPad…that’s another ball game and price point altogether….

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