How to Use Your iPhone to Get Instant Coupons

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by Natalie

My husband refuses to go grocery shopping with me because he’s embarrassed at the number of coupons I fork over at the check stand. Hey, if I can save fifty cents on laundry detergent, I’m not going to pay full price! A penny saved is a penny earned! With so many bargain websites and apps available today, it’s easy to earn more than just a penny by using instant or virtual coupons. Whether you’re looking for deals at the grocery store or a killer bargain on local restaurants, there’s an way to use your iPhone to stretch those dollars!

Geared toward individual cities, is a great way to try new (or favorite) activities or places to eat in your locale. Each day a fantastic deal is offered at pretty deep discounts. For instance, you may be able to get a $50 certificate to a local restaurant for only $25, while the next day could feature a $40 value in go kart action at the nearby fun center for only $20. If enough people purchase the Groupon deal, it’s “on!” From the tame to the totally random, Groupon offers fun deals day after day. As an added incentive to visit the site, witty write-ups of every deal are sure to make you giggle while you count all of your extra money. Point your browser to and sign up to receive alerts on deals in your city!

Shopkick Shopkick
Price: Free
Shopkick is a pretty cool app idea for shoppers who frequent national chains like American Eagle, Best Buy and Macy’s. After downloading the app, when users walk into a participating retail store they will receive rewards called “kickbucks.” While shopping, if users scan the barcodes of items throughout the store they will also earn additional rewards. Earned rewards can be redeemed for song downloads, Facebook game credits and in-store deals. Fun for moms, dads and those teens who love the mall!

Coupon Sherpa Coupon Sherpa
Price: Free
This app for the frugal provides interface with, where users can instantly download coupons good for groceries, department stores and more. Simply browse by store or category, and Coupon Sherpa displays the most current coupons in that search criteria. The coupons can then be instantly redeemed with codes for online shopping, or full barcodes that can be used to redeem the coupons in store. We’re talking everything from $5 off at Target to free goodies at Bed Bath & Beyond. Cha-ching!

Yowza Yowza! Mobile Coupons
Price: Free
When you’re in the mood for shopping, but are a little tight on cash, pull up Yowza! to check for deals in your area. Zip code based searches provide a listing of available coupons at nearby establishments which can be redeemed by simply showing your iPhone or iPod Touch to the cashier and having them scan or type in the coupon barcode. The unique feature of Yowza! is that all of the coupons have been individually negotiated with the businesses. Rather than simply providing  you with a listing of national coupons, Yowza! coupons were created by the businesses specifically for the app, meaning that redemption is hassle free! Although there aren’t as many coupons here as with apps like CouponSherpa, Yowza! still a good resource for deals.

Mobi Qpons MobiQpons
Price: Free
Much like the other mobile coupon apps, MobiQpons is another option for browsing deals in your locale, or areas that you may be visiting. The app is updated daily with new deals and can feature anything from $5 off of an oil change to a little savings on your next lunch at Chili’s Bar & Grill. Simply find the deals  you want, save them, and show your iPhone coupon to the cashier at check out. Could it be any easier to save?!?

Do you use these apps, do you know any other  apps for gettig coupons? Please leave us a comment.