Best iPhone Fashion Apps for Moms

Intro graphicby Natalie

As a mom-to-be, I understand the importance of finding cute, comfortable clothes that fit. Sifting through the racks of your favorite mall is fun for awhile. However, there comes a time when all moms just want to sit on the couch, after everyone has finally gone to bed, and find great clothing options from their living room. Luckily, a number of iPhone apps are out on the market to assist moms in locating the perfect fit, latest styles and cutest picks.

Fits icon Fits
Price: $0.99
I realize that this is going to sound a little bit wacky, but follow me for just a second. Fits is an app developed to initially help men accurately estimate their significant other’s bra size in order to buy gifts that fit. However, the app has proven to be helpful for women trying to figure out what size bra to buy without peeling all of their clothes off in a Victoria’s Secret dressing room. To guesstimate bra size, simply import a full body picture, and match a silhouette outline to the photo. Based on the silhouette’s measurements, the app will provide a bra size estimate.
Glamour icon Glamour Ask a Stylist
Price: Free
Ask a Stylist provides real access to a stylist for free! Do you finally have a date night with your husband, but no idea what’s in style since you last got out in 2009? With this app, yo can browse previous advice from stylists, categorized by the kind of event that you will be attending, or ask a question directly to a stylist. I found that I received responses within less than 15 minutes and the advice was sensible. When your girlfriends are too busy to ask for advice, and the kids tell you that everything looks good, Glamour Ask a Stylist is a great way for busy moms to get a little quick fashion advice!

Lucky icon Lucky at Your Service
Price: Free
Like a free concierge from the editors of Lucky magazine, this app is meant to make shopping easy! The app is loaded with Lucky magazine’s favorite items in a variety of categories ranging from gifts to seasonal looks, shoes and more. Users simply select a category and browse until an item catches their eye. Once you decide that an item is right for you, the app will locate the item at a store near you and even call to place the item on hold, if you’d like. With store maps and lots of selection, Lucky at Your Service is easy to use and easy to find uses for!

Style book icon Style Book
Price: $3.99
StyleBook would be a fantastic app for the fashion minded mom with enough time to dedicate to style, or an older female child to use the app with them. Intended to help manage your wardrobe, users take photos of the items in their closet, which are them organized by category. By taking stock of the closet, users are able to create “looks” and plan outfits for everyday or upcoming events. I can also see how an app of this sort would be helpful while out shopping. I figure if you’re able to keep a quick inventory of what’s in your closet right on your phone, you’re less likely to end up with two dresses that are nearly identical.

Fashion Sense icon Fashion Sense
Price: $1.99
One of my favorite show is “What Not to Wear” on TLC, where Stacy London and Clinton Kelly advise women what does and definitely does not look good on their bodies. Fashion Sense is a great app that reminds me of the show. Based on the premise that regardless of your size or shape, there are certain items that flatter your body and others that don’t, Fashion Sense offers a wealth of advice. After choosing your body type, the app provides recommendations of styles to try and those to avoid. Complete with photos, showing off the dos and don’ts, many reviewers rave about how helpful this app is while out shopping.
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