Best iPad Cases

Intro image The first thing most people do upon purchasing an iPhone or iPod Touch is find a case that will provide ample protection for their new gadget.  The iPad experience should be no different! Once you invest in an iPad, splurge a few extra bucks to protect your investment with a suitable case.

Protective cases not only defend an iPad against scratches, dings and dirt, but they also provide a little bit of shock absorbing power in the event of an “oopsie!” iPad drop. Combined with a protective screen cover, iPad cases will help make your device a little more durable and ready for the whole family to use.

The cases listed below are a few of the best kid-friendly iPad cases, as reviewed by online consumers.

Otterbox Otterbox for iPad
Price: Starting at $48.95

The Otterbox line of cases has become synonymous with high level protection for iPhone devices. Now, the Otterbox is available for iPad. Designed to provide protection against dirt, dust and the shock of accidental drops, the Otterbox seems to be ideal for environments with children due to its durability and array of features. The iPad Otterbox kit includes the case, as well as a screen protector and additional hard screen cover to place over the face of the iPad while not in use. A stand allows for easy video viewing and  the sleek black appearance of Otterbox makes is appealing to any member of the family.

Acase1 Acase Deluxe Leather multi-view Case/Folio with Stand for iPad
Price: Starting at $19.95

This simple black faux leather case provides protection and portability for the family that takes their iPad along with them outside the house. Designed as a portfolio-type case, the iPad is held in a leather cover resembling a book. The inside cover allows for easy storage of a little paperwork, while also providing ample screen protection while the iPad is not being used. The stand feature is easily utilized by folding the case into a triangle, which allows the user to easily type or view movies online. I think this would make a great case for older kids who may put the iPad to use for a little homework research, or moms-on-the-go who want protection and utility in an iPad case.

Hard Candy Hard Candy Cases Street Skin iPad Case
Price: Starting at $37.73

Available in black or clear, this Hard Candy case is meant to provide p-r-o-t-e-c-t-i-o-n. The thick rubber case is engraved with a nifty design intended to help enhance your ability to grip the iPad while also coming with a screen protector to keep that display clean. Reviewers do admit that the case may make the iPad feel a little bulkier, and heavier than the uncovered iPad, however there are little to no complaints about the level of protection provided by the Hard Candy iPad case. This rough and tumble case would be great for households with younger kids, where the risk of drops and bumps are high.

While all of these cases provide a little extra safety for your iPad, no case can guarantee that your iPad is completely protected from environmental hazards. Remember that iPads are a fragile piece of equipment and that little (and big hands alike) must use caution when enjoying the wonders of this portable technology!