Zach’s Pick : Doodle Jump

Doodle-jump Thinking that needs kids perspective also, I invited some really cool kids to blog here once in a while about their favorite iOS apps and what they like about it. Below is a review by Zach, who is a sixth grader from Palo Alto, CA. Besides playing iPhone games, Zach also enjoys, soccer, drama, drums math and skating…

by Zach

What is the most popular video game known to iPhone users? What game gives kids a goal that is impossible – but unbearable – not to complete? Which video game combines strategy, style, awareness and, luck into one? What game helps you and defeats you at the same time? DOODLE JUMP!

You know it is impossible so you get started. You are a yellow four-legged bug that shoots things out of its circular snout and is half an inch tall. You go on adventures all the time. You swim to the deepest depths. You win the World Cup. You climb the tallest tree in the rain forest, save Santa and venture to Heaven from Hell. You have touched the sky and even gone to the center of the universe.

There are various things that help you achieve your goal. You can jump off platforms, hop off springs, and leap off trampolines. You can use springs to make you go farther every time you bounce off a platform. You can use propeller hats and rockets to move yourself farther. With a force field, you can pass through monsters without being hurting by them. Beware, for it’s not as easy as it seems.

Watch out! There are dangers on adventures. There could be broken platforms and cracks. Kill the monsters before they kill you! Go get Doodle Jump on your Iphone but always remember, no matter what size you are, you are an adventurer and that’s how your meant to be!