Best iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad apps for History Education

by Natalie

History is, in my opinion, one of the most important subjects that we can teach our children. While knowing how to read and add numbers is useful, history teaches broader lessons about how to best live life. By examining the past, we learn from the mistakes of those before us. Like my grandma always said: you can’t really know where you’re going, if you don’t know where you’ve been. Today, an assortment of great apps provides access to history with the touch of a screen.


Dinosaurs: The American Museum of Natural History Collection
Price: Free

I would like to personally give this app an overall rating of “awesome.” The American Museum of Natural History is a leader in natural history education, and this app is no variance from their usual high standards. The opening screen is a giant mosaic, which enlarges to full size photos that each come with their own explanation. The quality of the photos, combined with the wealth of dinosaur factoids is ultra cool. Little boys in the “dino phase” will l-o-v-e this.

History: Maps of World
Price: Free

Lots and lots of historical maps of the world are contained in this free app that categorizes the maps by both era and locale. The overall concept is cool, allowing students to examine how the world’s land mass, and control of it, has changed over time. Unfortunately, the small screen of iPhones and the iPod touch make the maps a little difficult to navigate. This one is definitely best
suited for the iPad users.


Price: Free

This app seems to be an Apple device-friendly interface to the White House website. Lots of information on current events in U.S. Government is readily available, but my favorite feature is the front page that allows users to scroll through all of the presidents. By selecting one, you’re able to read a full biography of everybody who’s ever been at the helm of the White House, from Washington to Obama.

Constitution for iPhone and iPod Touch
Price: Free
Literally the entire text of the constitution available right at your fingertips, made easy to navigate by Article & Amendment. I am undoubtedly jealous that this didn’t exist when I was studying for the 8th grade Constitution test. This app would be a great reference tool for the middle school’ers in your life, and is also available for the iPad at no charge.


Price: $0.99

This app is best described as a mini history text book…Only cooler. A variety of historical events and periods are covered in this app that examines not only events, but people, art, and places, too! The app contains high quality graphics that display well on any Apple device and I was surprised at the low price tag. Not only helpful for the history students, I can easily see how parents helping with homework could find value in this .99 cents, too!