Best iPad and iPhone Kids Books

A trip to the bookstore isn’t always practical. With iBooks, parents are given the ability to visit a virtual bookstore any time day or night. A stellar selection of free and paid books are available for every age group, in every price range. Whether your kids are craving a new picture book
or a chapter by chapter read, the iBooks library has what you’re looking for…All without packing everybody up and heading down to the bookstore in your pajamas.

Books for All Ages & All Bank Accounts

The Little Mermaid: A Special Song
Disney Press
Price: $1.99

Little girls, listen up! This iBook is for you. Classic Disney pictures are paired up with a story about Ariel meeting a new friend in the sea in this 24 page book. As the two mermaids explore the sea they quickly learn that both of them enjoy singing. Why not have a quick read and sing-a-long before bedtime?

Disney Press
Price: $1.99

This iBook title isn’t deceiving in the least. The story of Cinderella is a classic tale that generations of little ones have grown up reading and watching on the big screen. In 18 pages this book provides a great, quick version of the Cinderella story. Follow our friend, Cinderella, from her humble beginnings as a servant to her sisters, to the time that her prince charming comes calling. I love these Disney books for their consistent illustrations and affordable price.

Stephenie Meyer
Price: $8.99

Teenagers and vampire stories are, shall we say, all the rage? If you have a teen
that is drooling over the Twilight stars of the movies, the Eclipse iBook may be a great way to inspire some reading time. For $8.99 the full version of the book is available, and is the third novel in the Twilight series which follows a girl in her struggle to choose between the love of a vampire and a werewolf. All three of the Twilight saga novels are available on iBooks if your teen hasn’t caught up on the first two.


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Lyman Frank Baum
Price: Free

I imagine it would be difficult to find an adult in the United States who didn’t watch the Wizard of Oz at least once or twice growing up. However, I have to admit, that I had never read the book which is actually ranked one of the top children’s books of all time among multiple charts. This free iBook is the full original version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz that follows Dorothy
and her cast of friends on a quest to find the Wizard of Oz. With 492 pages this is definitely a book to sit down with before bed time night after night, or give to the older kids to take on as a chapter read. Celebrate finishing thebook with a movie night!

David Elvar
Price: Free

Read all about a cat who loves fish pie and believes that he has superhero powers in this quick 20-page book. Although there are no pictures in the book, and the story received mixed reviews in the iBooks store, I can easily see how this free book could be made into a fun adventure with a bit of imagination. Lots of sound effects scattered throughout the book offer a chance for parents and kids to interact by reading together and applying voices to each character. I’d recommend diving into this one while the young ones are in a bit of a silly mood to get the full effect.


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