Best Dress Up Apps for iPhone, iPad, iTouch

Intro imageGrowing up, I had a friend who was obsessed with anything and everything related to dressing up. Each time I visited her house, I was coerced into raiding her mother’s closet for high heels and sequined tops so that we could parade around her house as though it was the Emmy Awards red carpet. As much fun as dress-up is, there are times when the game just isn’t practical…And when you moms out there want to find both of your pumps in the same spot tomorrow morning. Various dress-up apps are available today in the iTunes store that let kids doll up virtual models in clothing, make up and self-designed accessories. Although most of the dress-up apps have a price tag attached, all of the apps reviewed below have received great reviews and seem to be well worth the small investment for hours of fashion fun!

Emily logo Emily’s Dress Up
Price: $0.99
Emily’s Dress Up is an app that is made for the kids who love fashion. In essence, the app is a simple version of a clothing sketchbook in which users select a clothing item or accessory, customize it and pair it up with other items to create the perfect look. Once a style has been completed, users can assign a code to the outfit and exchange it with friends. Multiple backgrounds to place your model in give this app some flair, but the coolest feature? You can take a photo with your model wearing the look you created!
Emily's SS 1 Emily's SS 2

Angelina logo Dress Up With Angelina Ballerina
Price: $0.99
Angelina Ballerina is one of the cutest characters to come from PBS in quite some time. Or at least I think so.  Now she and her mouse ballerina friends are ready to play in their very own dress up app. Multiple games give users the option to create their own outfit or select appropriate attire for a performance. Stellar graphics and adorable outfits are what this game is all about.  I can’t say that I’m surprised about the rave reviews Angelina has garnered in the
app store. I really don’t know that there’s anything much cuter than a mouse in a tutu.

Angelina SS1 Angelina SS2
My Make Up logo My Make Up
Price: $1.99
It is a known fact that at some point in time every little girl is going to sneak into their mom’s make up drawer and try on every shade of lipstick they can find. My Make Up lets girls play in their own make up drawer without the mess! To begin, users select a model as their canvas. To make just about any little gal feel comfortable, there are models of all different complexions and ethnicities to choose from. I like diversity in an app! From there, the virtual make up artist goes to town selecting lipstick, eye shadow, earrings, nail polish and more to give their model the perfect look.

My Make up SS1 My Make UP SS2


Dress Up & Makeup logo Dress Up & Makeup
Price: $1.99
Do you remember playing with paper dolls as a kid? To put on a sweater, you simply folded the tabs over your one dimensional doll and called it a day. Not anymore! Dress Up & Make Up is much like a virtual set of paper dolls, giving app users the ability to select various pieces to put together an outfit appropriate for any setting. To take it one step further, users are also able to create make-up looks for their “dolls.” Models of various ethnicities are also available in this app, which I think helps teach kids that beautiful has all kinds of different looks.











Fsahion Sketchbook 1 Fashion Sketch Book: The Stylish Dress Up Game
Price: $1.99
Fashion Sketch Book is a dress up game that is suitable for an older set of child users than some of the other popular dress-up apps. Users are in control of just about every aspect of a model’s look, including hair style, skin color, tops, bottoms, accessories, jewelry and more. Each look can be saved and stored in the user’s “portfolio” to review later on. This would be ideal for the budding fashion designer in your family. My only gripe? The virtual models in the app are a bit on the skinny side. In a world where so many girls struggle with self image, I found myself wishing there was a little more meat on the bones of these gals.
Fashion Sketchbook SS


Doodle Pix logo DoodlePix
Price: $0.99
Doodle Pix is a relatively new app that doesn’t have as many ratings as the apps I normally review. That said, I had to include it because the cute factor is major. If you have children who love dogs, and who love messing with the dogs, this will be a slam dunk. Simply take a photo of your dog and import it to the DoodlePix app where kids (and adults like myself) can select items to dress up the pooch in. Once you’re finished, you can share your puppy picture creations with other users and browse the gallery for a few good giggles.
Doodle Pix screenshots