5 Fun iPhone Apps That Will Make You Laugh

Intro graphic Let’s face it: part of the allure of Apple mobile devices is the wide array of apps available. While educational and utilitarian apps are a fantastic tool, sometimes kids and parents just want to have fun. Pure, goofy, giggle inducing fun. The list of apps below is an overview of some of the wackiest fun apps in today’s iTunes market appropriate for both children and adults. Sit down with the kids, download a few of these hilarious apps and enjoy a good giggle around your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch tonight!

Fat Booth icon Fat Booth
Price: $0.99
Have you ever wondered what you might look like with a few extra pounds? The Fat Booth app is an easy, and fun, way to find out. By importing a picture, users are able to use the Fat Booth to pack on the pounds in no time at all! The end result not only produces a good giggle, but provides some inexpensive inspiration to head out with the family after dinner for a walk around the block!
5 Fun iPhone Apps


FaceGoo icon FaceGoo Lite
Price: Free
Kids love the trick mirrors that line carnivals and haunted houses. Looking at yourself with an elongated chin, or extra long legs always produces a giggle. FaceGoo Lite brings the trick mirrors to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and lets users create their own whimsical, wacky looks. After importing a photo, users are able to stretch and distort their photos in whatever style appeals to them. Make faces long, or wide. Create crazy eyes or a wacky smile. As an added layer of fun, the app comes with a variety of “stickers,” ranging from glasses to mustaches that users can place on their distorted works of art for a totally goofy finished piece!
5 Fun iPhone Apps 5 Fun iPhone Apps

Hairstyle icon Hairstyle Lite

Price: Free
Have you ever wondered what you’d look like with a bob, or flaming red locks opposed to blonde? With Hairstyle Lite you can find out without the pain and suffering of a bad haircut. Upload your own photos, or use pre-loaded models, to select one of over 15 hairstyles to try on. From there, users have the option to select the perfect color from a collection of hues spanning gray to blonde to purple. Although serious hair people may use this app to plan their next look, there’s nothing more fun than finding out what Dad would look like long gray locks.










Voice Changer icon Voice Changer Plus
Price: Free
Crazy voices always warrant a laugh. With Voice Changer Plus, users record a string of words in their normal voice and simply select a style for the app to translate their voice into.  Talk like a guitar, robot or an entire choir singing your message! Altered recordings can even be saved to playback another time.









Unicorn iconUnicorn Shots
Price: Free
If you want to create some super wacky images, Unicorn Shots is the app to do it with! Begin by selecting a photo from your library and placing a set of giant cartoon eyes on the subject. Customize the photo with stamps and choose a bug to take up residence in the shot. The neat part is that these crazy creations aren’t simply still…As the bug moves around the photo, the crazy eyes will follow it here and there, which is sure to delight young ones.
5 Fun iPhone Apps 5 Fun iPhone Apps