5 Educational Math iPhone and iTouch Apps for Kids

by Natalie

I’ve found that children and adults alike either seem to love math, or have a bit of a hassle with it. Either way, it’s a skill that is necessary to master for everyday tasks. Developers have come out with a variety of iOs apps that help your children grasp math concepts ranging from basic addition to algebra. You might even find, like I did, that a few of these apps are great for refreshing the adult math mind, too!

iPhone Apps + Math = Fun Learning: A Sample of Math Apps

Price: Free

Challenge kids with a set of flashcards that can be adjusted to include addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, or a combination of any or all skills. As equations appear on the chalkboard background, kids enter the answer by simply touching the correct numbers at the bottom of the screen. With a “tick-tock” timer spurring kids on, this app gets the brain moving and would be great practice for those timed math tests in school.

HangMath Math Hangman
Price: $0.99

Kids can play a game of hangman against themselves in this app that offers customization for varying skill levels. To begin, select a level of difficulty, as well as the type of equations that will be practiced. Options include all of the basic math skills and with such a wide range of levels available, this app would be perfect for kids from Kindergarten through the late elementary years. As kids answer questions incorrectly, their hangman earns a body part until he is complete, and the game ends. Encourage students, and adults in the house, to see how long they can go without ending a game!

 Basic Math
Price: Free

Similar to the prior apps, this one allows players to choose what type of math to practice and presents equations one by one. However, children are given three different answers to choose from opposed to entering the numbers themselves. The multiple choice answer format still presents a challenge. I even found myself tricked into a few wrong answers as I tried to speed through the equations!

Price: $0.99

FlowMath brings out the thinking cap by giving kids the answer to an equation, and asking them to properly format the equation. Choose from multiplication, division, subtraction or addition in the opening screen and players are presented with a screen giving an answer as well as two sets of calculator-like buttons. The goal is to fill in the blanks, so to speak, and create the equation to match the answer. This app is easy to use, yet would be great for helping new math students learn equations backwards, forwards and inside out.

Price: $1.99

Combine math skills with learning U.S. coin identification in this app that provides crystal-clear images of coins and math equations of various degrees. This is truly an app that puts math to use in the “real world” by asking players to make correct change for a customer with an easy-to-operate point and drag system. If your student’s math skills aren’t quite to retail level yet, they can simply work on counting in increments or learning the value of specific coins.