More Than A Year Later – Is iPhone Good for my Kid? Hits and Misses

I was probably one of the first parents who bought their 3-year old an iPod Touch. This was well more than a year ago. I started this blog after I got fascinated by my son’s interactions with iPod Touch and wanted to share the word with all the other parents…

More than a year later, am I still fascinated, do I still think that this is one of the best toys you can buy for your kid? It is time to reflect.

Here are the misses for me:

  • Keeping him busy at restaurants: Young kids cannot sit still at restaurants, but instead of giving them an iPod Touch, engaging them in a conversation is still a much better solution.
  • Replacing pen and paper: Even though coloring games and letter tracing games are a lot of fun on the iPod Touch, still my son prefers pen and paper when creating master pieces.

Here are the hits:

  • Best thing for long plane rides: This was the best idea. With the coloring and card matching games, and his favorite movies on his iPod Touch, even the 12 hour plane rides (which we do frequently) were no problem. Of course you need a good external iPhone battery –  which I will write a review in the near future.
  • Keeps them entertained at long lines: Does not matter if you are waiting to mail a box at the post office, or waiting in line to take a ride at the Disneyland, having an iPhone handy with kids apps and movies is a sure way to entertain your kid, and all the kids around him.
  • Encourages reading: Sure reading books is a great way to encourage reading, but also when kids like to figure out how a game is played, they are extra motivated to learn how to read the navigation text and the menu items.
  • Robust hardware: I thought my 3-year old may break or lose his iPod Touch. But after almost 1.5 years, many oversees trips, a few drops, and a few “I think we lost it this time”, his iPod Touch is still good. Of course we have a really good soft-case for it. One advice I would give to parents is not let your kid insert the iPod Touch or iPhone to the charger by themselves. Those pins are easily bendable.
  • Availability of a large number of educational games, puzzles: During the last year, iPhone developers created amazing kids apps that stimulate young minds, anything from showing how to write his/her name, to fun math apps. So after 1.5 years, I still think iPod Touch is one of the best things that you can buy for your kid.