4 Things You Need to Do Before Giving Your iPhone to a Kid

IStock_000009261290XSmall-2 I see in the malls, airports that many parents hand off their precious iPhones to their kids. Here are a few tips so that giving your iPhone to your son or daughter does not become the worst decision you ever made!:

1. Get a good iPhone/iTouch case:

A good iPhone case helps protect your device from slips and falls. About a year ago we bought a silicon iPhone case with a stand for my son’s iPod Touch. The iPhone case fit loosely to my son’s iPod Touch and the clear silicon was kind of ugly. After we lost the silicon case, I purchased many more cases in search of a good one. Unfortunately none of them did the job as well and I ended up purchasing another one of those not-so-pretty iPhone silicon cases. If you know any other iPhone or iPod Touch cases that worked for you please let us know by dropping a comment. Our previous article on reviewing the iPhone and iPod touch cases can be found here.

2. Make sure that your iPhone forgets your iTunes password:

If you recently purchased an app or a song, your phone will remember your iTunes password. Which can be costly if your little one knows his/her way to the App Store or iTunes and start purchasing games and movies. Easy solution is to restart your iPhone. How to restart your iPhone?: Press down the power button (the top button) and home button (the bottom middle button) simultaneously and wait while holding them down for 5-10 seconds. When you see the Apple logo appear, let go of the buttons and wait until the iPhone restarts. This may take about 1 minute.

3. Enable Parental controls on iPod Touch/ iPhone:

You can setup parental controls on iPod Touch and iPhone to restrict the usage of the web browser, YouTube, usage of camera, and/or downloading of any explicit music and other content.  You can also disable installing of apps (and if you do this you do not need to worry about iTunes or the App store remembering your password as mentioned above). Read How to setup parental controls? Step by step instructions.

4. Put the iPhone in the airplane mode:

If you do not want your child to make a call by mistake and cause you embarrassment,  one thing that you can do is to put your iPhone into the airplane mode. How to set your iPhone into the airplane mode? You can do this by running the Settings application and turning on the Airplane mode setting, which is the first item on the Settings list. Of course if you have an iPod Touch, this is a non-issue.