The Youngest iPod Touch Owner

We get a lot of raised eyebrows when we mention our little kid owns an iPod Touch and loves it. Nevertheless, when I talk to an iPhone owner with a little kid, we are exactly on the same page! They are equally excited about the all applications available for kids on iTouch and we can go on and on about the possibilities.

But still I wonder, how young is too young to get a kid iPod Touch? When we were purchasing a new iPhone 3GS, Apple sales guy mentioned that he sells iTouch to 1 year old kids! And I am not talking about a one year old playing with his dad’s or mom’s iPhone once in a while, this is one year old actually owning his/her own device.

Would I get my one year old an iPod Touch? Hmmm. I do not think so, but I’ll be open minded. I guess it is a parent and iPhone thing. The rest of the world does not understand, at least for now : )

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