How to Search Apps on iPhone

I have 80+ apps on my iPhone and finding anything is becoming pretty difficult. That is why I really like the new search functionality. Below is a video clip that shows how to perform search on the iPhone. For this, when you are on your first screen, try going to the left and Search Screen will show up. Alternatively you can press on the home button once and access to the Search Screen. Start typing and you will be presented with matching contacts, songs, movies, apps, etc. Just tap on the one you were searching in order  to launch it.

Note that to use this easily accessible search function, you need to upgrade to OS 3.0 on your iPhone. You can upgrade simply by going to iTunes, plugging in your iPhone, selecting your iPhone on iTunes and clicking on the "Check for an Update" button.

Did this work for you, do you have other tips to share? Drop us a comment and tell us what you think.

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