How to Copy and Paste on iPhone

iPhone OS 3.0 Software update introduced many cool features. Probably the highly anticipated cut, copy, paste functionality makes the top of the list. If you have not upgraded to 3.0 already, you can do so by plugging your iPhone to your computer, going to iTunes, selecting your device from the left menu, and pressing on “Check of an Update” button in your Summary screen. If you have iPhone 3G S, you do not need to upgrade to use this functionality.

Above is a video clip that demonstrates how to use copy and paste functionality. For this, first go to any text box, in Safari, mail, or any other application. Press and hold on the text you would like to copy and release your finger. You will be presented with three options: Select, Select All, and Paste. Choose “Select” and you will see that the word will be highlighted with two blue dots on the either side of the word. Notice that the options are changed to Cut, Copy, and Paste. Now you can either press and drag the blue dots to refine your selection and then select Copy, or directly select Copy without refinement.



Now the selection is in the clipboard. You can go to another text field and even another application and press&hold&release on a text field, and select Paste.

Did this work for you, do you have other tips to share? Drop us a comment and tell us what you think.





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