Best iPhone Coloring Apps for Kids

Our son loves painting. When first iPod Touch and iPhone apps came out, one of the first apps I looked for was coloring apps. Such applications are great for a few minutes of entertainment, especially if you are in a restaurant, waiting in a line, or waiting for an airplane to board.  Today, there are a few good iPhone coloring book apps available for children and below we list a few of them.

Iphone-kid-smile Coloring Fun
Cost: 0.99
Age: 2 years and up

This is one of our favorite coloring apps because the color selection is intuitive and the app comes with 12 great drawings, including animals, boat, snowmen, etc. There is a capture button in the app that allows you to save the colorings to the photo folder. Also the names of the drawings are spelled out loud, teaching kids spelling. You can get it here.



Iphone-kid-smileColoring Book: Christmas
Cost: 1.99
Age: 2 years and up

This application has some fun graphics and color selection is very easy for the kids. We installed the Christmas addition but there are several other versions available that are less seasonal, such as Creatures and Cars. For other reviews and download the app click here.



Iphone-kid-pleased  Coloring Book
Cost: 0.99
Age: 2 years and up

Graphics are nice in this app but user interface, color selection, etc, are not very intuitive, especially for a young kid. You can download the Coloring Book app and view additional reviews here.



Iphone-kid-pleased Color Me
Cost: 0.99
Age: 2 years and up

This coloring application lets you do free drawing (instead of filling regions) over the drawings. I really like the color selection method with crayons but I do not like the fact that the initial screen for the ‘drawing selection’ contains only titles, not the image thumbnails. You can download this app here.



Do you have additional apps that you’d like to suggest? Drop us a note.

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