Making Math Fun for Kids: 5 iPod Touch Math Apps

Are you looking for ways of making learning math fun for kids? Combining Math with animations and games can be entertaining and motivating. Some best iPhone math apps do this well and some other apps simply display a math operation and present multiple choices or a place to enter results. Below I list some popular iPhone apps for teaching kids basic mathematics operations. If you know some great math apps that your children like, please let me know and I will include it here.


Iphone-kid-smile PopMath
Cost: $0.99
Age: 7 years and up

This app displays simple math operations and their results in bubbles and expect users to pop the math operation and the result bubbles one after the other. This is a really fun app even for us adults. You can get the app and view the other reviews here.



 Iphone-kid-pleased Basic Math
Cost: free
Age: 7 years and up

This app simply displays basic math operations, offers 3 choices as answers, and lets user pick the correct answer. Basic Math app lacks motivating animations or sound effects, but it’s free. You can access the app and other reviews




Cute Math
Cost: 1.99
Age: 3 years and up

Cute math teaches counting, addition, and subtraction with very nice graphics and effects. More suitable for teaching math to young kids compared to some of the other math apps. Download and read additional reviews





miTables Lite
Cost: free
 Age: 7 years and up
A plain math application that displays math operations and gives user 4 choices to select the answer from. Screen shots, download, and reviews can be access from




Iphone-kid-smile Dotty Shapes
Cost: $0.99
Age: 2 years and up

This app displays numbers and you can connect them in order and create shapes. Teaches counting in a fun way.
To get the application from iTunes app store and see other’s reviews click here.



Do you have additional apps that you’d like to suggest? Drop us a note.

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