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Is there an iPhone projector? The answer is, well, depends on what you’d like to do:
Currently it is only possible to output iPhone screen to any projector or TV screen only when iPhone is playing movies. If you are demonstrating an application or playing a game, to the best of my knowledge
an as of March 2009, it is not possible to project or display iPhone’s screen  on a larger screen.

Projector1For projecting iPhone’s screen in the movie mode, you need an AudioVisual cable that converts iPhone or iPod Touch output to RCA. You can then connect the RCA output to almost any projector or TV. Different vendors offer AV cables for iPhone, and they are cheaper than Apple’s connector. However, after reading on Amazon about the incompatibly problems that they may have, I would recommend purchasing the following connector from Apple Store, which worked well for us: Apple Composite AV Cable $49Projector2

We do not have a projector but I would like to own one. For the coolness
factor and extra portability
it would be nice to get an extra small pico projector. 3M sells such projectors but their reviews are mixed. On the other hand, I have seen a live demo of Microvision’s pico projector and it was impressive. It is rumored to be available in summer 2009 and capable of running 2 hours on batteries. 

Here is a youtube video that shows pico projector in action:


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