An iPhone App with Magical Powers: Amazon Remembers


Imagine an application that can find any product that you take a picture of. You see a really nice toy or a book that you’d like to get for your little one, snap a picture! You see a pair of shoes that you like, snap a picture! Amazon Remembers is an iPhone app that finds the product you take a picture of and e-mails you a link. The magic behind the app is not some state of the art image recognition technology. When you take a picture, Amazon workers perform searches manually and find the best matching product. The results is e-mailed in about 2-5 mins.

I already used the app few times, including at our pediatrician’s office when we enjoyed reading a book together and we wanted to get a copy. We just snapped a picture and got the Amazon link to it in the e-mail.

Below are examples of some of my snapshots and products returned by the Amazon iPhone app:


Halmet Arrow Toy4
41aAo0CqULS Arrow Toy2
Toothbrush Arrow Toy3
Doll Arrow Toy1