How To Move, Rearrange, and Delete iPhone and iPod Touch App Icons

Moving and arranging iPhone and  iPod Touch icons can be necessary to keep your iKid’s favorite apps on one screen. Rearrangement of icons is easy but not as intuitive as some of the other iPhone functions. For this, you need to press and hold one application icon and see that all the app icons become wiggly. Once they are in this state, you can hold and move any of the apps to the other screens or place them to another location on the same screen. In order to exit from this mode, press the home screen. Watch the below video that demonstrates customizing the iPhone screen.

Sometimes my iKid accidentally presses an application too long and the iPod Touch goes into the wiggly mode. I showed him once that in order to get out of this mode you need to press the home button and this never became a problem.

Deleting iPhone Apps
You will also notice that the is an ‘X’ mark at the top left corner of the app. You can press the ‘X’ mark to delete each of these applications. Do not worry if you delete any of them accidentally. You can always recover these apps by resynchronizing with iTunes.

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