How Many Movies and Apps can Fit on an iPod Touch or iPhone?


Iphone-movie-half Each application takes different amount of storage space, particularly depending how many audio, video, and image data that they contain. However, just to give everybody a rough idea, I currently have 67 applications installed that are taking about 218 MB space, which works out as a little over 3MB per application.

However, even more important than storage limitations for apps is that the screen space on iPhone is limited. On iPhone 3G you can have up to 9 screens and 16 apps per screen, plus 4 dock applications. This will total to 148 icon spaces per application. Considering that there are 19 native apps on iPhone (less on iPod Touch) that leaves the user with a maximum of 129 apps to install. What happens if you try to install more apps? The apps just don’t show up on the screen. It is likely that this limitation is extended in the future releases.

Bottom line: 129 apps

Iphone-movie-stack How much storage space a movie takes very much depends on its length, resolution and compression quality. Let’s assume that the movie is encoded with 64 kilo bits per second audio quality and 1024 kilo bits per second video quality. This totals to 1088 kilo bits per second, or approximately 1088/8=~136 kilobytes per second. For a 90 minutes movie, the storage requirement would be about 136 kpbsx60x90=~734 MB. If you have a 16 GB device and if we assume that 1GB is spent for system, apps, and music storage, you can store about (without going into the discussion about how many bytes 15 GB exactly is) approximately 15000/734=~20 movies.

Bottom line: Twenty 90 minute movies on a 16 GB iPhone


Do you agree with these calculations, do you have other things to add? Drop us a note.

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