Best iPod Touch and iPhone Cases with Stands

iPod Touch is a fragile device for a clumsy young kid to handle, so when I got my son an iTouch, the first thing I did was to order an iPod Touch case. When I did my research, I looked for non-slippery cases with stands so that we can easily use his iPod Touch and my iPhone as video players without holding it.

We bought an iPhone case that fits both to his iTouch and my iPhone. Even though it does the job for us, the case is for iPhone so it does not fit snugly to iPod Touch and the stand part comes off too easily. I believe there are some comparable or even better cases available, for both iPhone and iTouch. Here I review some of the ones that I found recently. Note that most of the time the stand can double as a belt clip. Also when buying cases with stands, make sure that the stand allows iPod to be in the horizontal position. This is useful when watching movies.

iPod Touch 2nd Generation Cases with Stand

  1. Aluminum Carrying Case with Belt Clip Video Stand
Aluminum Carrying Case with Belt Clip Video Stand and Screen Protector
Price: $9.85
This case comes in very cool, kid-friendly colors. In the Amazon website reviewers indicated that there is no cut-out for external audio volume button in this iTouch case, so you can change the volume only using the screen controls.

2. Eforcity Silver Hard Aluminum Case w/ Stand Eforcity Silver Hard Aluminum Case w Stand for Apple Apple iPod Touch Gen2

Price: $5.99
This case is made of hard plastic and features removable swivel belt-clip which allows you to put the iPod in both horizontal and vertical positions.


3. Sena Premium Stand Case for iPod Touch 2G

Sena ipod touch casePrice: $39.95
I am not fond of leather cases, but I included a few here for readers who prefer them. This is a genuine leather with  snap closure and padding for extra protection. The cover doubles as stand to watch movies.


iPhone 3G Cases with Stand

1. Eforcity Apple iPhone 3G Black Aluminum Metal Case with Belt Clip & Stand

Eforcity Apple iPhone 3G Black Aluminum Metal Case with Belt Clip & Stand Price: $5.56
Aluminum case with removable swivel belt-clip for carrying or for using as a stand. Manufacturer states that the device is fully functional while in the case, i.e. all the buttons are available. 



2. Silicone Skin Case (Clear and Pink)

Price: $13.99
This is the silicone case we own. It comes in a 2 pack, pink and clear. The pink one does not look good, we only use the clear one. There are not cut-outs for all the buttons but you can operate them by pressing on the case. It fits nicely on iPhone and loosely on iTouch, but works for us.

3. Blue Premium Leather Case with Removable Video Stand

Apple iPhone 3G - Blue Premium Leather Case with Removable Video Stand Rotating Belt Clip Price: $19.99
This leather case on the expensive side and pretty baby blue color. It has removable belt clip that doubles as a video stand.



I am still looking for good cases with stands and kid-friendly playful designs. No luck so far. If you know any, or if you have suggestions, other iPhone cases with stands that you own and like, please drop me a note.




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