Buying iPod Touch for Kids? Pros and Cons.

Now it has been more than a month that my son owns an iTouch, I have a better idea about if iPod Touch appropriate for kids, and pros&cons of buying an iPod Touch:


  • Iphone-parent-pleased Lifesaver in restaurants, visits to friends: His favorite movies and apps are both on his iTouch and on my iPhone. We already went out to restaurants several times and as I was hoping, iTouch kept him entertained when he got really bored.

  • Great video playback device: With the iPhone TV connector, we play movies primarily from the iPod Touch now. It is even more convenient than our DVD player, Sony Playstation, or even DVR. No more searching for CDs, waiting for CD player to load, or searching for the remote control.

  • Playing games and discovering educational apps together: It is a lot of fun and bonding to get a new game or an app, and try to figure it out together. You can access all the app reviews here.

  • Mommy and daddy can have fun too: I use my kid’s iTouch when exercising for watching movies and his daddy borrowed it during a recent trip to overseas.

  • Audio playback: We bought my kid’s favorite songs and put it on his iPod Touch. Now he playbacks and dances to his favorite music whenever he wants!  


  • Iphone-parent-notpleased Misplacing iTouch: Especially at the beginning, he misplaced the iTouch countless times. Because it is not an iPhone, you can’t call to find it. Our solution was to tell my son place the iTouch next to the TV, where the iPhone TV connector is. He still puts it to other places, but about 90% of the time I can find it next to the TV.

  • Using iPod Touch in the car can make kids nauseated: I thought iPod Touch would be great for traveling in the car, but because he is looking down when he is playing with it, he gets nauseated. I think it will be ok to somehow tie the iTouch to the back of a front seat and let my kid watch a movie by looking up straight. I am still searching for the right accessory to do that and I will let you all know when I find it.

  • Lack of great educational apps: So far I am not impressed by the quality of the educational apps. Even though they are robust, most applications’ graphics and interaction design can use much improvement. For instance, I was hoping that the applications on the iPhone will replace all the flashcards that are lying out on our floor. This has not happened yet. Although there are some flashcard apps, I have yet to identify some good ones that are engaging and with good graphics.


Do you have suggestions for good apps? Do you have additional pros and cons? I’d like to hear your thoughts!

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