iPhone and iPod Touch Educational Apps for Kids 2

FirstWords: Animals
Cost: $1.99
Age: 3 years and up

Basic spelling application, where letters are scattered around and kids can drag and drop the letters to their placeholders.
Even though my iKid absolutely loved this application, I think there are many improvements possible. For example, graphics can be improved and letters can be spelled out when they are touched. Also, currently it is impossible to place a letter to a wrong location. While this feature makes my iKid correctly spell every word, it is not teaching spelling as well as it could. Get it here.



iBear Flags
Cost: $1.99
Age: 5 years and up

This application has a ‘learning’ mode where it displays flags and names of countries, and a quiz mode where it shows the flag and asks users to select the correct country name. The app lacks audio/visual effects, which could have made the app more entertaining and engaging for the child, but nevertheless it is innovative. Get it here.


Word Warp
Cost: $0.99
Age: 7 years and up

The Word Warp app displays bunch of letters out of order and gives the user limited time to form some words. It also displays placeholders for all the possible words, so you know if you found most of the words etc. Entertaining for older kids and adults. See other user reviews and get the app here.


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