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Best iPhone Story Book Apps



Littlebella-tn There is nothing like cuddling up with your children in front of a fireplace with a story book and reading it together. Even though an iPhone story book app cannot replace the real thing, they are really fun in their own right. These iPhone/iPod touch apps are interactive, fun, have great Continue



Best iPhone Coloring Book Apps for Kids

Coloring-fun-icon Our son loves painting. When first iPod Touch and iPhone apps came out, one of the first apps I looked for was coloring apps. Such applications are great for a few minutes of entertainment, especially if you are in a restaurant, waiting in a line, or waiting for an airplane to board.  Today, there are a few good iPhone Continue


Kid-Safe iPhone Web Browser 

Mobicip-icon Once you restricted Internet browsing through Safari from your kid’s iPhone or iPod Touch, you may still would like him/her to access kid friendly sites or reference sites, such as Wikipedia, for obtaining valuable information. Trying to fill in this need, there are several iPhone apps Continue

Parental controls on iPhone and iPod Touch that every parent needs to know about 

Iphone-parent-2 Mobile Internet surfing increasing at a rapid rate. Mobile devices are super portable and have small screens that makes them more ‘personal’ than desktop and laptop computers. This makes monitoring kid’s online activities on those devices much more difficult. Luckily iPhone and iPod Touch support parental controls for Internet browsing, iPod movies, YouTube,  Continue


Making Math Fun for Kids: 5 iPod Touch Math Apps 

Pop-math-iphone-app-icon Are you looking for ways of making learning math fun for kids? Combining Math with animations and games can be entertaining and motivating. Some best iPhone math apps do this well and some other apps simply display a math operation and present multiple choices or a place to enter results. Below I list some popular iPhone apps for teaching kids basic  Continue


An iPhone App with Magical Powers: Amazon Remembers Line

Toy1-icon Imagine an application that can find any product that you take a picture of. You see a really nice toy or a book that you’d like to get for your little one, snap a picture! You see a pair of shoes that you like, snap a picture! Amazon Remembers is an iPhone app that finds the product you take a picture of and e-mails you a link. The magic behind the app Continue


iPod Touch Battery: How long does it last and how to extend the battery life 

ipod touch battery At Apple’s official site, iPod Touch battery life is said to be up to 6 hours when playing back movies and up to 36 hours when playing back music. Many iPhone and iPod Touch forums talk about the battery life, and most people say that their device lasts only 50-60% of these manufacturer-specified-times. I ran a couple of tests and discovered some battery-saving tips  Continue



5 Concerns About Buying iPod Touch For Children 

buying ipod for children I frequently get e-mails from parents who have questions about buying iPod Touch for their kids, such as ‘will my kid break it in a few days?’, or ‘it is an expensive device, is it worth it?’. In this article I am discussing some of these concerns and my experience with the same issues. Note that Continue



8 iPhone Apps to Get when Traveling with Preschool Age Kids

Peekabo-barn-lite-icon Traveling with young kids can be very difficult. Many of us parents know that the more entertainment you have for them is better.  Especially if you are in for a long plane or a car ride, loading up your iPhone or iPod Touch with your preschooler’s favorite movies is a must. If you are going to hand your precious Continue


How Many Movies and Apps can Fit on an iPod Touch or iPhone?

Iphone-movie-half Each application takes different amount of storage space, particularly depending how many audio, video, and image data that they contain. However, just to give everybody a rough idea, I currently have 67 applications installed that are taking about Continue


MacWorld 2009 News That iParents Should Know About

Microvision-projector-small Even though this year’s MacWorld does not compare to the previous ones where Steve Jobs introduced groundbreaking products, there are still some interesting news and products that parents who own an iPhone or iPod Touch should care about: Continue


Buying iPod Touch for Kids? Pros and Cons
Now it has been more than a month that my son owns an iTouch, I have a better idea about if iPod Touch appropriate for kids, and pros&cons of buying an iPod Touch:

Iphone-parent-pleased Lifesaver in restaurants, visits to friends: His favorite movies and apps are both on his iTouch and on my iPhone. We already went out to restaurants several times and as I was hoping, iTouch kept him entertained when he got really bored.


How To Move, Rearrange, and Delete iPhone App Icons

Move-iphone-icons Moving and arranging iPhone and  iPod Touch icons can be necessary to keep your iKid’s favorite apps on one screen. Rearrangement of icons is easy but not as intuitive as some of the other iPhone functions. For this Continue


iPhone App Reviews and Best iPhone Apps for Kids

Iphone-kid-smile Trace
Cost: free
Age: 5 and up

This is one of the most unique apps I have seen at the app store. The goal of the game is to walk a man to a target in each screen and level. You can draw and erase paths and you need to avoid moving obstacles. It helps to develop problem solving skills since as the levels gets higher it becomes much harder to avoid obstacles and get to the target. Even though my iKid is young and can only finish 3-4 levels without my help, it has been great fun to play this and find paths together. See reviews and get the app here.



Line5 tips for Making iPhone/iTouch Kid Proof

Kid-playing-best-iphone-games I got my son his own iTouch after I fell in love with my iPhone. Unfortunately my son has my clumsiness genes. Below I share some tips for parents on how to make  iPhone/iTouch kid proof and kid friendly: continue

Best iPod Touch and iPhone Cases with Stands
Eforcity Silver Hard Aluminum Case w Stand for Apple Apple iPod Touch Gen2
iPod Touch is a fragile device for a clumsy young kid to handle, so when I got my son an iTouch, the first thing I did was to order an iPod Touch case. When I did my research continue


How to Connect iPhone or iTouch to TV
iPhone to TV
Our DVDs get scratched too quickly, so we put movies that we purchased from iTunes and our own home movies on iTouch, connect it to TV and play them from the iTouch. No more scratched DVDs! Here is how: continue

How to copy your own DVDs to iPhone or iPod Touch in 5 easy steps
After searching for a reliable and easy to use iPhone video conversion software that runs on Windows PCs and trying a few of them without much success, I found one that works quite reliably. iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple TV play the same video format, so the steps described here are valid for all. Here are the steps: continue