New iKid Reward Charts makes Behavior and Reward Charts Easy

Reward Charts Work

As a parent of two, one of the most difficult tasks we have is to encourage our kids to do their chores. Back in my day, I got my chores done mostly out of the fear of the consequences, but I didn’t want my kids to be in constant fear of “negative reinforcement.” After looking around, my wife and I found out that research has shown that Positive Reinforcement is a much more powerful force for training. Just ask any animal trainer. 🙂

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Appisodes

Disney Junior Appisodes

by 7,899 iTunes' users.

Disney Junior Appisodes | Price: FREE

Last year Disney released a fantastic app based on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode “Road Rally.” They called the app an “appisode,” which meant that it was basically the episode of the Disney Junior show turned into a game with long clips from the show. In simplest terms, it became an interactive episode for your child on the iPad or other iOS device. Now they’ve completely redone the app and I think its been worth it.

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Kaboom Helps to Limit Kids’ iPod and iPad Time

iPad time limits for kids

| Price:

As most parents have found out, limiting their child’s screentime on an iPad, iPhone or iPod can be challenging. Rahul Deshpande has come up with an interesting solution with his app, Kaboom – App Timer.

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Highlight: Junior Typer

Junior Typer

by 7 iTunes' users.

Junior Typer | Price: $0.99

Do you have a child who loves to type on the iPad or on your computer? Is he/she constantly pushing setting buttons? or share links? or activating some part of the app that isn’t for them? If so, Junior Typer is the app you are looking for. It was created by a father for his preschooler when he could not find a similar app. It lets your child type on the iPad without any extra buttons, settings, ads, sharing links, etc.

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Review: More Trucks by DuckDuckMoose

More Trucks HD - by Duck Duck Moose

by 142 iTunes' users.

More Trucks HD - by Duck Duck Moose | Price: FREE

A sign of a good kids game for the iPad is how long a child plays with it. Based on that theory, the new app by one of my favorite kids app developers Duck Duck Moose called “More Trucks HD” should be a hit. After installing the game on my iPad I let my five year old take it for a spin. Ten minutes later I could not get him to give me the iPad. He was to engrossed in having a crane pull boxes over to a wrecking ball and have a bulldozer clean up the mess.

More Trucks by DuckDuckMoose Review - Best Apps for Kids


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Highlight: A Troop is a Group of Monkeys

Writing Magic Numbers Review

Writing Magic Numbers

Writing Magic Numbers | Price: $1.99

Writing Magic Numbers is a unique app which teaches number recognition, counting and writing numbers from 0-10 through a delightful, magical adventure. Many educational apps are heavily weighted towards either learning or play but Magic Numbers gets the balance just right. (more…)

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Highlight: LaLa Lunchbox helps kids plan their own lunches

LaLa Lunchbox

by 105 iTunes' users.

LaLa Lunchbox | Price: FREE

Planning lunches for your kids can be challenging. Why not get the kids involved and empower them to make healthy choices? Lala Lunchbox lets kids plan their meals with your help.


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Highlight: Mum’s Cronky Car

Mum's Cronky Car Kids Bedtime Story & Best Ebook

Mum's Cronky Car Kids Bedtime Story & Best Ebook | Price: FREE

Mum’s Cronky Car is an interactive storybook app for young children, that's fully of rhyming fun and magic.


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Highlight: Paper Galaxy

| Price:

What happens when the moon gets lost, catches a cold, and runs into the cranky Crab Nebula? A family-friendly and fun-filled chase through a galaxy of adorable planetary oddballs ensues! As Luna, you sneeze from orbit to orbit on your way back to Mother Earth. Along the way, you’ll make new friends, collect stars, and have more than a few close encounters with hot-headed Suns and mysterious Black Holes!


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